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Matt and Julie Kuvakos kissing

Hello, I'm Matt!


I have been writing for about ten years. In that time, I have won multiple awards for short stories, including placing 6th in the entire YA category in the 85th Annual Writers Digest Competition. I have also been awarded the Silver Medal for the 2016 Illumination Book Awards for my first young adult novel, Addison's Mark. More recently, I spent some time as a ghostwriter for a NYT bestselling author, and I learned a lot from someone who has been through it all.


Other than being a writer, I'm a normal dude for the most part. I have an awesome wife who I don't deserve and two black cats who rule over my life with iron paws.


I also love to ask questions, and many of my stories start with one. I believe we're all made to be seekers, but many times, religious beliefs, families, and fear keep us from asking the big-time God/spiritual/life questions, and that only hinders us in the long run.

I hope the stories I write inspire you to ask some of your own questions.

You are loved,


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